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Easton Farmers’ Market Launches City’s First Residential Composting Program

Easton Farmers’ Market (EFM) is celebrating its 266th birthday with an eye on the future.

For years, Easton Farmers’ Market has been encouraging customers to eat locally-grown fruits and veggies. And now the market has a solution in place for market shoppers to turn all those carrot tops and watermelon rinds into nutrient-rich compost, providing a richer soil for future growth.

“This is something we’ve been wanting for a long time,” said Market District Manager Megan McBride, who oversees the Easton Farmers’ Market. “We see this as a way to not only eat local foods and support local growers and producers, but to take a step forward in reducing our food waste as individual consumers.”

Managing food waste is important, especially considering a recent report by The New York Times that showed across the world we’re throwing out about a third of the food we’re producing.[1] Establishing a large-scale composting program is important because it’s the first step toward reducing food waste – transforming what would otherwise idle in a landfill into nutrient-rich soil.

“Just as the Easton Market District supports our local farmers and producers, we also make it a point to take care of our environment and help to preserve it for future generations,” McBride says.

It’s why it seemed appropriate to launch the program on the birthday of Easton Farmers’ Market.

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