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Lehigh Valley Mall Welcomes Santa

Join Lehigh Valley in welcoming Santa and enjoy holiday activities, giveaways, crafts and, of course, a photo with Santa.
Save time and skip the line with Santa by Appointment! Once again, this year you can reserve your magical moment with Santa online.


Reserve your FastPass & Skip the Line to see Santa, click here!

Santa Photo Hours:

Nov 10 / 10a-8p
Nov 11 / 11a-6p
Nov 12-15 / 11a-8p
Nov 16-17 / 10a-8p
Nov 18 / 11a-6p
Nov 19-21 / 10a-9p
Nov 22 – No Santa Hours
Nov 23-24 / 10a-9p
Nov 25 / 11a-6p
Nov 26-30 / 10a-8p
Dec 1 / 10a-9p
Dec 2 / 10a-6p
Dec 3 – 6 / 10a-8:30p
Dec 7-8 / 10a-9p
Dec 9 / 11a-6p
Dec 10-14 / 10a-9p
Dec 15 / 9a-9p
Dec 16 / 10a-9p
Dec 17-23 / 9a-9p
Dec 24 / 8a-6p


1. Your health is the most important thing. When lines become longer as Christmas nears, remember to bring snacks and a drink to stay hydrated.
2. For best results, select an outfit color that will work well against the backdrop of Santa’s red suit. Green, silver, white and gold are festive and vivid shades for the holiday season.
3. If your child doesn’t care to sit on Santa’s lap, there is additional seating that can be arranged so he / she may sit next to him.
4. Bring a smile provoking item for young kids. A stuffed animal or rattle will do the trick to ensure a happy face in all your photos.
5. Enjoy the magic. A visit to Santa is a lifelong memory you will have with your child

Pet Photos with Santa

Bring your furry friend for photos with Santa on either:

Sunday, November 11, from 7pm to 9pm
Sunday, November 18, from 7pm to 9pm
Sunday, December 2, 7pm to 9pm
Sunday, December 9, 7pm to 9pm

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